Panzer Farm


“Whatever are you going to do, do it with passion, otherwise you will waste your time” – these simple words accompanied Kęszycki Brothers throughout their lives. From an early age, as soon as they heard these words from their Parents, they were well aware of the fact that in every area of life one needs to devote in 100% if there are to be any effects!

Major collectors?

Kęszycki are among the biggest collectors of historical military equipment in Poland. By developing their childhood passion, which they still remain faithful to, they have not only gained experience in protecting, reconstructing, sharing and displaying military technology Historical Monuments, but they have also crowned it by creating the first private collection of military technology Historical Monuments “ARES”. It should be noted that this was the first such collection in Poland, which was officially entered in the Register of Historical Monuments in April 1997. (via the Voivodeship Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments in Warsaw)!

What does the collection look like?

Currently, Poland’s largest military collection includes such tanks as the American M4A1 Sherman or the Russian T-55, but also other military vehicles have found their place in the “yard”.

Passion develops gradually!

It should be kept in mind, however, that passion develops gradually and systematically, fondness become increasingly serious and covering a wider range. So it was in this case. The Kęszycki brothers began their adventure from cars and household repairs, so that soon, with almost closed eyes, they could disassemble, assemble and repair every vehicle. The impossible? Not in this case! Before they turned 18, Stach and Maciek went on a “Polish scout expedition – Iraq1978” journey (with the consent of their parents), where of two “Nysa” vehicles, a “Żuk” engine, and with a bit of their own ideas and skills they created a perfect vehicle to conquer Middle East.

The dreams came true. Maybe from this expedition began their true collecting passion, which is constantly going on…