Panzer Farm

Exhibitions and rallies

We often go with our vehicles to conquer the world, taking part in various kinds of events in the industry.

We participate in international rallies, exhibitions and historic meeting of military technology enthusiasts. You can also find us at numerous cultural events throughout Europe.

Such include the following:

  • Sahara Slovakia
  • Tankove Dni Slovakia
  • Kiemele Lanzfest Germany
  • The War and Peace Revival United Kingdom
  • Milovice Czech Republic
  • Military Show Lithuania
  • Military Zone in Gostyń
  • D-Day Hel
  • Operation South in Bielsko-Biała
  • Wild Thing in Kielce
  • Convention of Strategic Games “Grenadier” in Warsaw
  • “Arado” rally in Kamienna Góra
  • Educational Staging “Ardennes ’44” in Gdynia
  • Historic Staging “Kępa Oksywska” in Kosakow
  • Historical Staging “Battle for the Wielka Wieś” in Wladysławowo
  • Historic Staging “Eagles over Nijmenegen” in Gryfino
  • Rally of Military Vehicles in Modlin

We appear at the events organized by our collector friends, and we also create our own meetings with live history. In recent years we have managed to organize a military event, which attracted wide publicity.

We organized:

  • Oldtimer Militaris in Chrcynno
  • Historic Picnic in Warsaw
  • International Military Vehicles Rally in Darłowo (1997-2009)