Panzer Farm


Self-propelled gun StuG III / 40 ausf. G

Recovery | March 2012

Recovery of remnants of the German self-propelled gun StuG III / 40 ausf. G near Kwiecewo-Świątki – on the basis of a permit granted by the [...]

Anti-tank gun 45 mm

Recovery | May 2012

Recovery of the ancestor of Soviet 45mm antitank gun, which is the equipment of the 1st Polish Army. Place of rest: right-hand Praga areaof the [...]

Jagdpanzer IV

Recovery | May 2014

Recovery from Wkra River in Podsmardzewo, gmina Sochocin fragments of the German destroyer Jagdpanzer IV tank – on the basis of a permit [...]

Transporter Sd.Kfz. 250

Recovery | October 2015

Recovery from the Pilica river bottom, near the village of Gorki, of two German vehicles from the World War II: armored personnel carrier Sd.Kfz. [...]

Transporter Sd.Kfz. 251

Recovery | October 2016

Continuation of the research project launched in October 2015. Then two German armored vehicles were recovered from the same station: Sd.Kfz. 250 [...]